Jesus Defeated Satan With Two Sticks

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Food For Thought
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When Jesus was set to be nailed to the cross, the devil stood back and laughed, thinking, “I have Him now,” but what Jesus accomplished was all of God’s bigger plan for your life. Beloved not only did Jesus conquered death for all of us, but made a public spectacle of the devil and is gang.

Jesus loved us that much, He endured something so detrimental and gruesome for every being to have an opportunity to dwell in the eternal Kingdom. Choosing to accept that true gift is a choice we all have to make. The Bible tells us that the end is near, and many people in this world scoffs at God’s promise that there will be a return by Jesus Christ.

God is not mocked and just like Paul, who felt Jesus would return while he was alive, there are many of us who believe it will happen while we are here. No matter if it happens now or many years down the line, God’s promise of Jesus Christ returning was set up by what He did and endured on the cross.

The saying goes, Jesus beat satan with two sticks, but Satan was already defeated and did not know it. It’s like going to the doctor for routine test and you are told to come back In a few weeks for the result. During that time the doctor gets a chance to get the report, analyze and make a determination. When you come back for your visit the doctor is already fully aware of your results, but you didn’t until that moment. That is how it was with Jesus and the devil. Jesus knew all along, but devil had no clue.

Now because of what Jesus did, we now can claim Victory, but this time around the devil knows it. Jesus paid the price. He made a fool out if satan and we have that same authority to proclaim that promise in everything that we do in life.

It was more than just taking the cross for our sins. Jesus made a public statement and put the devil to shame in our behalf.

  1. ellencinci says:

    Beat with a two sticks!!! And humiliated publicly. He has been robbed of his authority in the lives of believers.

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