Bible Verse Of The Day- “Love is the greatest of ALL”

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Bible Verses
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I have a quiz for you that many not pass with flying colors. How many nice gestures do you find yourself doing on a daily basis versus the things we do for ourselves? When you are about to eat your lunch, does your mind automatically reflect on the thought that someone around you may not be fortunate to have lunch for themselves? Probably not and that is how we view things in the flesh.

Me, Me, Me attitude is what we focus on so heavily versus putting the needs of others at the forefront of our thoughts.

In Corinthians 13, when we are walking in love, we treat other people with courtesy and respect. Are you kind to the person at the checkout counter that may be moving too slowly? Are you gentle when you are driving down the highway and someone cuts you off? Are you patient with your family and coworkers?

These are all ways we show love.

Love never fails.

That’s because love is a choice.

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