Bible Verse Of The Day- “How Are You Living For Today?”

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Bible Verses
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I woke up to some horrible news about a friend losing her husband to cancer. The big “C” I call it, but for many they call it the big “D” for death. When hearing this news I am reminded how quickly our life can be taking away from us.

How are you living your life on earth?

The bible tells us that our life is like a vapor that fades away. For many that does not know, a vapor is similar to a smoke from a fire or burning cigarette, after being cloudy for awhile it fades away quickly.

That’s our life. Here today, gone tomorrow.

As you move forward today and the rest of 2015, take time to live your life just as it was intended by Christ. We serve a mighty God, who is bigger than any “C” or “D.”

God will protect, restore, exalt you through this life as long as He is the center and you trust in Him.

Now is the time. Not tomorrow or next month. It’s time right now.

How are you planning on living for today?

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