Bible Verse Of The Day- ” Even When It’s Bad Continue To Give Thanks”

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I had a friend who wrote to me most recently about how his life was going. If you knew his circumstances, it would amaze you of his high spirits.

It’s not common to see such joy, but even more importantly, it’s amazing how God can use all things out for the good.

My friend’s letter to me remind me of some of the great men of faith. When the circumstances around them didn’t seem fair, these men didn’t complain or felt bad for themselves.

They were determined to praise the Lord and saw the good in every situation. When others complained, they would celebrate. When others wanted to curse their life, they thanked God for another day.

How are you treating your life? Do you only show joy when things are doing well?

Beloved, it’s time to grab a hold of your joy regardless of what the day might seem. God gives the final say on all matters, not fear.

Fear tells you the worst is coming. God tells us the best is yet to come.

Take control of your life today and let God determine your circumstances.

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