Bible Verse Of The Day- “Who Haven’t You Forgiving?”

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Bible Verses
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One of the biggest emotional action we fail to do on a daily basis is learn to forgive others regardless of how they hurt us.

Let me ask another question

When we ask in prayer for anything and don’t see the results come through, what do you think is one of the logical reasons?

Let me just get to it: Not Forgiving others.

I has a conversation with someone last week who felt really hurt from a family member that not only betrayed him but caused severe emotional pain. The anger he spewed out in our conversation was moving.

He wanted to cause more pain back to his family member, but in that same conversation expressed why he could not understand why his prayers were not being answered.

Lack of forgiveness is one of the most powerful tool the devil uses against us. On the other hand, forgiveness is a test by The Lord before a blessing gets release.

Beloved, the more we hold inside, the greater amount of blessing we are denying ourselves due to unforgiveness.

Once we learn that forgives is the key to doors of blessings and prayers being answered, it allows The Lord to play a greater role in our lives.

You choose? Forgive or not to forgive?

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