Bible Verse Of The Day- “God Is My Source?”

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I sat around the last few days, thinking, meditating and examining not only myself but the things I do in life. Wondering if I trust in man or God.

I am reminded by the scriptures that tells us not to be men pleasers but focus more on God pleasers. As I examine myself I asked this question along with you, “who is my source?”

When I look at the wonderful blessings and the people God has placed in my path, I am even more convinced He is my source.

Who is your source? Who provides food to feed your family? Who puts clothes on your back and money to buy gas for your car? Whatever it is, who do you lean on to provide?

There should be no other answer, but our God All Mighty!

Beloved you are reminded by His words when we seek God first, He will be the well for your resources than no man on earth can provide.

Examine yourself. Explorer your blessings in life and once you are convinced who your source is, give Him the ultimate praise.

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