Bible Verse Of The Day- “Consider The Promises Not The Circumstances”

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Bible Verses
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One of the greatest weapons we have at our disposal is what lies within us as children of the Most High God. When we trust completely in Him, what we fear the most never comes to life.

The Holy Spirit that is birthed in us through Jesus Christ is assign to show us we are victors not victims.

I had a really deep conversation with a friend most recently about a few things I was going through. I felt attacked by the devil by the use of not only people against the word of God, but surprisingly Christians as well.

This kind of tribulation led me to trust in God more. I had to examine myself and consider the promises of God more than the circumstances that was present before me.

When I got to that point again when I realize I am a chosen vessel of God and He did not make a mistake when He made me, my attitude began to change.

I accepted what was in me and not what was in the world.

Fear was conquered through the spirit all because of one big decision.

I chose not to believe in what fear says, only the promises of God.

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