Bible Verse Of The Day- “Forgiveness Leads To Blessings”

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Bible Verses
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One of the biggest “F” words in the bible is something Christians and many people have a hard time grabbing a hold of or understanding.

Before you guess what it is, understand when we fail to apply this “F” word in our lives, the blessing we are expecting becomes delayed.

Now take your guess.

It’s forgiveness.

While on earth, Jesus spent many times speaking on the love and importance of forgiveness. When we choose to forgive someone of their wrong doing towards you, (picture this) it opens up a flood gate of blessings that you cannot contain.

Things will begin to change drastically.

Why is forgiveness so important?

When we forgive, we combat the form of evil into something positive. We reject the fleshly wants of creating an anger of emotion. Evil is a major part of this world, but when we forgive it begins to diminish that dominate force and good begins to sprinkle all around.

Take this challenge today to forgive others of their wrongs towards you. It will begin to shape your life into the one Christ has planned for you.

Remember if Christ can forgive you of your sins, why shouldn’t you do the same to others?

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