Bible Verse Of The Day- “Less Self, More Of God”

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Bible Verses
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When we try to do things our way what is usually the result? We create ideas then act on them without any direction from God and the result only leaves us frustrated and confuse.

Looking at the story of Jonah, most people remember him being swallowed up by a whale for his disobedience. But if you examine the story clearly it shows Jonah wanted his own way of doing things rather than God’s.

Jonah thought if he just trust in his own ways and understanding, he would be able to escape the plan God had for him. But what happened is what most of us do when we make our own decisions.

We fall. We fall hard. Like Jonah some of us, get swallowed up by the wordly whale.

Beloved, the word of God tells us, He must increase, so we must decrease. Less of self and more of God.

Choose to accept the Lord’s increase today and allow His direction to be the only path you follow.

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