Bible Verse Of The Day- “Trust And See God’s Way”

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Bible Verses
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Ever feel a strong urge to do something, but didn’t know where to begin? We become weary, wondering and questioning if this urge is truly for us to act on.

We start to become restless as the feeling of uncertainty starts to creep your way.

The Apostle Paul mentions, that when we become weary or uncertain of our urges, that is the time to rely on God for guidance and place our trust in a Him.

There is a peace given to us while we wait.

A peace that surpasses all understanding.

A peace that will allow you to withstand the weapons form and complete the task that was placed in your heart.

A peace that replaces fear and allow the fruits of the spirits to conqueror your emotions.

A peace that says “No” to setbacks and allow God to extend His grace your way.

A peace that tells you this is your time regardless of what you see in the natural.

It’s time to just trust and place uncertainties and fears in the corner and allow God’s peace to take it’s course in your life.

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