Bible Verse Of The Day- “Remember Not Things Of The Old”

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Bible Verses
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We go through setbacks in our lives and sometimes it leaves scars that has us stuck viewing that bad file in our memory. We have two file cabinets in our memory and the one we look at the most will determine our future.

If the Apostle Paul stood and viewed is file drawer that had him remember killing Christians and not acknowledging who Jesus Christ was, what would have became of his future?

If we dwell our past we are left remembering things that would stop us from moving forward to the path God had planned for us.

The things we go through aren’t suppose to be a stumbling block to our progression in life, but to help design our future for God’s greater good.

Ask yourself, “are you stopping a greater plan over your life every time you find your self stuck looking in the file drawer named “past.”

When we identify the greater good God has in store over our lives, that will allow us to move forward knowing that our past is to help not tear us down.

What file drawer are you opening?

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