Bible Verse Of The Day- “Follow God’s Vision”

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Bible Verses
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If any of you know my story, it’s not always been an easy road in my life. The Lord pull me out of the worst times and gave me hope. Gave me confidence to speak through faith that all will be well to myself and to others.

I was reminded of this scripture after receiving a revelation by the Lord a few days ago that “it was time.” Time to step out in faith and do what He called me to do.

Today, are you going through a tough time or in a waiting period and it requires you to step out in faith?

Beloved, no need to worry or be dismayed. We are required by faith to show how obedient we are to God. It is not always a comfortable thing to step out blindfolded in the natural, but through faith we will accomplish the vision that the Lord has planned before us.

This scripture is a reminder that our vision and that still voice are not made up. If God said it, things will come to pass through our faith. If God gives you a vision, believe it’s for you, and step out in faith knowing He has everything already setup for you.

This may be your time to step out in faith for something.

Won’t you join me by accepting God’s word and stepping out to His wonderful path?

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