Bible Verse Of The Day- “God Protects Us Like An Eagle”

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Bible Verses
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We have all considered whether we would be willing to suffer for, even die for, Jesus. For me though, being willing was not the tough question.

My fearful question is: would I actually be able to? I always find hope in the fact that God promised that He would always be with us.

When we come to Christ, He fills us with His Spirit, and that Spirit of the Lord will be sufficient in the day of the crisis.

He does not give us strength for tomorrow’s crisis today. He gives us strength for the crisis when the crisis time comes.

It’s understandable that each of us would gulp and say, “I hope I am willing,” and then wonder deep inside if we really would be.

Well, I want you to know, as cowardly, weak, and selfish as I am, I know I could not do that on my own strength. But I’m going to trust that the power of the Holy Spirit will give me strength in that moment of crisis – strength that I just can’t imagine having today.

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