Bible Verse Of The Day- “Releasing God’s Favor”

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I am in the middle of reading a wonderful book, “The Blessing of Favor” by Kate McVeigh and was reminded of a few things about favor that many, like myself, have not put into practice much.

When you are looking for favor or more of it, acknowledge the little things that are around you that we take for granted daily. Thank the Lord for just allowing you to wake up this morning. Thank Him for providing food to eat and gas for your car for work.

As we start to be thankful for more of the little things, a stream of bigger acts of favor starts to flow your way. God is never slack on His promise. So when you start to see a trickle of favor begin to flow out of the pipe, turn it some more with your gratitude of thanks and allow an overflow to come before you.

When we receive the overflow, start sowing some of that same favor to others, family, church, etc. Allow more overflow of favor to embark on your life by showing that you are a “cheerful giver.”

Keeping the favor to yourself stops the flow from continuously happening. Start sowing some of God’s favor in your life to others and allow the overflow to continue while helping others realize what they have also to their disposal through His promises.

As you start your day, confess favor in everything you have planned, the people who you expect to talk to, and the tough situations we don’t want to face today.

Brother Oral Roberts once was asked during an interview, “Brother Roberts, I’ve got a lot of faith?”

He replied something we all should remember as we start today, “That’s your problem. You’ve got to release it.”

Release your favor today!

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