Bible Verse Of The Day- “We Are Ambassadors Of Christ”

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Bible Verses
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We know that God is calling us to be generous with our words, our time and our money, but He has also called us to be generous in sharing the Good News that Jesus died for our sins, He was buried and rose again on the 3rd day conquering death and the power of sin over our lives!

What is your purpose? We might not know specifically, but the bible tell us to be a Ambassadors of Christ.

It’s not easy, but…

We as Christians carry the hope of Christ in us.

We cannot be selfish with that hope we must give it to every person God puts in our path. God’s ways are not the norm.

He may call us to go places we would not normally go.

He may call us to reach out to people we would not normally associate with. He may call us to give up things we would normally hold onto.

He tells us the way to find true life is to give up our life for the sake of the Good News! What is it that you are tightly holding onto that God is calling you to give so that the Message might be shared?

Are you willing today to let go and let God do miraculous things through you, as you are generous with His Message?

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  1. Good morning Librado! Great word! This brings to memory the most recent of events where God had need of me. Not that He needed me, but He had an assignment for me. The anointing for the assignment was unbelievable. Favor was upon my life to fulfill His will. Things were in order, people were in place everything was aligned for His purpose. God blessed me to see Him at work first hand. So if ever God has a use for me, I am in line to see all that He wants me to see. Revelations are amazing! Blessing my friend. (p.s. I totally missed you while you were away! Welcome Back!

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