Bible Verse Of The Day- “It’s All About God’s Favor”

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Bible Verses
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We may overlook things in a given day of how merciful God is, from the things we are fortunate to eat, the spacious or comfortable place we live in, the ability to pay our bills, take a vacation, donate to the needy, buy gifts for Christmas, and the list can go further. But instead of appreciating these wonderful things, we all fall into for the spirit of, “it’s not enough” and lose sight of God wonderful works in your life.

Someone that follows this ministry closely, mention recently that he use to complain a lot about things that were not going well in his life. He would wake up and quickly jump aboard the “train” ride of my life “could be better”. Everyday he did this, while not seeing the promotion at work, the new house he was able to purchase, and a nice vacation he was able to purchase.

You might be saying, how did he not see these wonderful things that was happening?

Well it wasn’t the fact that he couldn’t see these things, but he allowed the enemy to blind his eyes from the blessings God was giving him. He accepted that he deserved more instead of receiving his favor.

God favored him.

And when we look around at the things we have, see, and touch, we will realize we are favored as well.

Today is the day where you claim your favor by accepting all the wonderful things God has in your life.

When you learn to be grateful of the things you have, another door begins to be release.

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