Bible Verse Of The Day- “Keep Focus On The Dream”

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Bible Verses
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For many of us, we were almost sure to believe God had a bigger plan for your lives than what you are seeing in front of you. Many people have accepted life for what it is and moved forward leaving that God given dream behind. But today God is telling us all, “Do not give up, continue to wait” Here’s why?

Well, when Joseph of the Old Testament was seventeen, he had a dream prophesying that he would someday rule over his brothers. This peek into his destiny filled him with self-confidence; he was a young man who was riding high. But the fact is, he wasn’t ready to rule over his brothers yet. He needed to go through some character-shaping times.

And indeed, he did just that, spending thirteen years facing setbacks, challenges, and even prison. Although Joseph was forgotten by man during those times, he was never forgotten by God.

Through adversity, God molded his character so that when Pharaoh appointed him the Prime Minister of Egypt, he was ready to fulfill his God-chosen destiny.

Think about Joseph when you go through tough times in your own life.

Sometimes God breaks us and allows us to hit rock bottom so that He can shape us into the person that He is calling us to be.

Maybe the adversity is God’s way to toughen you, teach you, and prepare you for the great plans He has for you.

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