Bible Verse Of The Day- “Seeing Is Believing”

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Bible Verses
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When you read of the faith of Abraham, Noah, Daniel, and Paul, you might believe to yourself I could never have that kind of faith. The faith they possess to look beyond their turmoil and circumstances, is the same faith we all have but fail to exercise.

I remember saying repeatedly as a child that nothing good was going to come my way, “I wasn’t good enough,” was the constant chant out of my mouth. At that moment of my life I did not realize I was carving out my life with words, and burying the faith that lied within.

Instead of focusing on FAITH, I was shaping my FATE by releasing negative thoughts over it.

When we serve a God who does exceedingly above whatever we ask or think, faith is the only thing we should exercise and hold on too.

If you are saying, “my life sucks and nothing good is going to happen to me,” then you are making your own path separate from God’s plan for your future.

It’s not a matter, if God can do things for you through faith, but this can only be exercise through diligence, to look beyond what self wants you to believe you are suppose to be, and allow The Mighty One to bless you tremendously.

We can’t expect to receive God’s goodness over our lives, unless we start to believe and exercise our faith through His promises.

What are you believing for today?

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  1. abundantlife says:

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  2. Good morning Librado. I really enjoyed reading this post. Having mustard seed faith pleases God, but without faith it is impossible to please Him. Our faith grows as we are faced with challenges. We learn to trust God during tests and trials. We may find ourselves in seemly hopeless situations, but the answers to our problems are found in the Word of God. I have found myself seeking answers and I go directly to God’s Word, trusting God’s Word for my answers. I totally place my faith in God. I stand on my favorite Scripture, which is Romans 8:28, knowing that God will work the situation out for my good just because I love Him. I know that He is faithful to keep His promises. I know that He will never fail me. Thanks Librado! Enjoy your day!

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