Bible Verse Of The Day- “God’s Promises Before You Were Born”

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Bible Verses
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When we are going through our trials and situations, we start to allow the circumstances to pull us away from the promises God has outlined over our lives. We become more negative with our thoughts, settling for what life has to offer, and start to slowly walk out of the path God designed before we came into this world.

As you see many examples in the bible of the Heroes of faith such as Abraham, Sarah, Noah, David, Paul just to name a few, they never succumbed to what their eyes saw.

They saw something far better that had God’s wonderful touch engraved on it.

They never gave in to what life wanted for them, but leaned on God’s promises.

This may be your crossroad moment right now. It’s your time to make that decision to allow God’s promises to be the center of your life. He loved you that much.

Trust Him and believe what God had promised He is able to perform.

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