Bible Verse Of The Day- “Claim Your Authority”

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Bible Verses
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Just when we are down in the pits of life and thinking there is no other option, but to accept what the world has to offer, God steps in. Steps in with GIANT footsteps.

Jesus quickly tells us “don’t give up, be strong,”while things are swirling and want to give up. We are quickly reminded of what He did on the cross and gave us authority to claim over our lives.

Do you want it?

I am reminded of the Tasha Cobb song called, “Get Up.” She sings repeatedly during the song, “Let the Kingdom of God rise.” While we are down in the pit waiting to be rescued, we begin to rise when our faith exceeds our fear and claim presence in the Kingdom of God.

We rise as the Kingdom does because it’s the place of authority.

So whatever state you are in right now, start to claim your authority over your circumstances.

“Born to be mine, got to be strong
be who He called you to be
Born to be mine, got to be strong
be who He called you to be, walk in your liberty”

Remind yourself of that each day God allows you to see another day. Begin to stand up over all strongholds, authorities, principalities, your enemies, and situations.

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  1. Evangelist Jeanie Shepard says:

    Hello Librado, I sometimes remind myself of the day that Jesus took a beating for me, hung on the cross bleeding, suffered and then gave His life for many. These are the word that I hold on to when circumstances seem difficult in my life. I say out loud, speaking to myself, “Jesus never quit on me, and I will not quit on Him.” This gives me self-assurance, as well as a quit pep talk of encouragement. Thank you for the Scripture it also a statement of assurance that our God is well able to protect, strengthen, and keep us in times of trouble. God bless you.

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