It seems in our culture there is always something we can worry about! Our finances, relationships, job situations and a never ending to-do list to name a few. God knows every single detail and every thought that consumes our lives. He has a great plan for us no matter how overwhelming our situation might seem today.

I remember not too long ago, feeling overwhelmed about the pressures of life and wondering what my purpose was for God with so many negative things swirling around me. At that time I wasn’t seen God’s divine blueprint in front of me, only what self was feeling. Believing on His promises got me through that moment, by God simple telling me, do not be afraid.

What are you worrying about today that God cannot fix? Are you trusting in God’s promises that He shall secure you through the storm?

All He is asking is that we not worry and we take a few minutes to talk to him about our challenges and frustrations through prayer.

Come to him today with a thankful heart in calm and confidence knowing that nothing is too great for our God.

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  1. Evangelist Jeanie Shepard says:

    Hi Librado, You encourage me with your inspiring posts. This article definitely resonates with me. I remember going through tuff times and questioning if God would even help me? But God is faithful and He always shows up right on time. My faith has increase and I’m much stronger because of my test and trials. Romans 8:28 is my favorite Scripture. It teaches us that regardless of the situation, if we would only see things from God’s viewpoint, that whatever the situation, God’s promises that it will work for our good, just because we love Him. Great post my friend! God bless.

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