Bible Verse Of The Day- “God Looks At Our Hearts”

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Bible Verses
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Things in life may not have turned out how you wanted it too, that now has you condemning, rejecting and criticizing yourself. You might have a feeling of little self worth, maybe suicide has crossed your mind. God is calling today, to declare His love towards you.

In today’s scripture the Lord was speaking to Samuel about a young boy who from all outward appearances looked like he did not have much going for him or that he could not accomplish much. But God saw HUGE potential in him because He looked at his heart. In fact that young boy became the king!

So no matter how things look to others or what you have done in the past, The Lord has declared you are a “master piece” in His eyes and looks deeply at your heart. It’s time to stop listening to the enemy and understand God’s promise over your life today.

No more of self, but accept the beautiful image that The Lord sees inside of you today.

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  1. abundantlife says:

    We are created in His image… our significance is found in Him… if we place our significance in anything else we will falter and be dismayed. Only Jesus satisfies our thirst for meaning. Bless you!

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