Bible Verse Of The Day- “Holy Spirit Wants To Help”

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Bible Verses
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Everyday some of us stroll through life, wondering,”why did things turn out like this”, or “I must have the worse luck on earth, nothing goes right for me.” Familiar words being used everyday. We start to get down on ourselves. Going to church, praising God, but have no sense of direction where to find help. Today God is telling you, that is going to change.

When Jesus was speaking about His departure to the disciples, he adamantly spoke about the “Comforter,” and the purpose behind the spirit of the living God dwelling inside of us. It’s there to teach us, bring things to remembrance, and most importantly direct us on the path God outlined for our lives.

Beloved, there is one pre-requisite.

Exercising your faith.

That is through, prayer, meditation, words, and our actions while uncomfortable things are taking place around us. When we begin to tap into that department of the Holy Spirit we begin to see changes that brings about no condemnation and a outlook on the wonderful life God wants for us if we stay obedient to His word.

The Holy Spirit is the best gadget you will find anywhere. It has a maker in God and touch of a Jesus Christ, that no human being can buy, alter or adjust. It stays current and always knows the right things and great intentions for does who seek to find God’s answers.

No more of self. Rely on the greatest gift you have ever received and allow your life to go in a direction that is pleasing to the living God.

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