Bible Verse Of The Day- “God’s Secret Place Is Our Refuge”

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I can almost recall the moment before I got saved, I was entrapped by the enemy where I could not think, breathe, or function. My world was consume with anxiousness, despair, depression, and was quickly headed down the path of suicide. But as the Psalmist David mentions, when you call upon God for help, He brings you under a shadow where the enemy cannot enter and begin to change things around you.

Our call to God may not be this outcry, but our diligence to seek him in prayer, word, or meditation, brings about a rescuing feeling that all will be well. God never promised David that he would be King and life would be wonderful from there. And the same message is being told to us today.

Whatever you might be going through, a bad break up, rejection in a certain situation, bad health, financial woes, death of a loved one, The Lord is in place to bring you into that wonderful “Secret Place.”

Beloved, it’s time to stop relying on what self thinks is best to deal your problems in life. We have an advocate in Jesus Christ, who was sent into this world for the purpose of claiming victory over your cares, because He wants too.

God loves us that much. Nothing of our works, but plain, genuine care that surpasses all the love combined we receive on earth.

Now is the time. Self cannot fight battles, but we know who can.

Give it to Him.

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