Bible Verse Of The Day-“Cast All Your Cares To God”

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Bible Verses
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When you read this scripture verse what first enters your mind? Many people will read it and say, “Yes I do cast all my troubles to God all the time,” But if you had the opportunity to pay close attention to their lives, you will quickly realize, there are many things we keep for ourselves, and others will give to God.

Why do we do that? Is some our problems to big for God? Are we designed to handle our problems on a daily basis? The Apostle Peter mentions this quite clearly, that we aren’t capable of handling our problems. So why do it? Give all our problems we experience to The Lord, because He cares and wants it all.

Beloved, when we focus on self and want to get ourselves out of tight situations, circumstances, or ride through the storm thinking, “As long as I don’t go straying off course I will be fine,” we end up feeling worse or deeper in the situation as time progresses.

Today is the day to declare, that “no more of self so we rely on to take care of our problems but the living God, who knows, sees, and can endure all we have.”

Are you ready to give them all to Him today?

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  1. kylaworld says:

    Very true! Reminds me of what I am doing for lent. I am fasting and praying for world hunger. I wanted to get as many people as I could to pray for world hunger during lent. I was hoping if you could spread the word. Thanks. Have a blessed day.

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