Bible Verse Of The Day-“Celebrate With Praise, Recieve His Grace”

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Bible Verses
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It’s easy get in a mindset of asking and expecting things from God. Some of us view and use God as a wish maker. Just ask and it shall be done. When God answers one prayer, we automatically bring forth another request. Time after time we do this to where it becomes a habit. But with giving God all of your problems daily, do you ever stop to just praise His name?

The Psalmist David spoke well about such praise. We focus on all our problems when we wake up in the morning instead of just praising God for allowing you to see another day. We take such gift for granted, but no longer to do we walk ungrateful, but more with a grateful heart.

Do you want favor to start chasing you each and every day? Start to praise God.

Looking to break your long time addiction and receive Victory? Start to shout His name in everything you do.

At a crossroads in life, not sure where to turn, left or right? Declare the name that can change circumstances at a snap of a finger.

God meets you at the level of your praise. The more you praise, the greater the blessing. When you seek God at all times He is going to reward you for your diligence.

It’s time to receive your max level of blessing, mercies and grace.

Start to praise God at the high level needed to release the gate that has your name on it that leads to numerous blessings.

Praise “The Great I Am” today.

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