Bible Verse Of The Day- “God Hear My Cry Right Now”

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I can recall my lowest moment in life and feeling discontent, troublesome and hopelessness. That feeling of being at the bottom brings about a feeling of a , “lost cause,” where our mind and body wants to give up and claim defeat.

But God…

With the mighty name above all names we can comfortable seek Him when all seems lost. You might say, “I can’t deal with this anymore.” “Life has no meaning, I can’t get through this.” But when we feel as if there is nothing left in the tank of life, God brings about an unlimited surplus of grace that keeps us moving.

It’s a simple thing we need to do. God tells us through his word of promises, “we should call upon Him and He shall answer us and show great things we do not know.”

It’s nothing of our doing, but of God that leads us out of the green pastures and restores our soul to where we will be protected.

Beloved, this might be your moment where you need the help of the living God. This is your moment to call upon His name, give it to Him, and allow the power of grace to comfort you.

Scream out His name right now and allow Him to rescue you!

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