Bible Verse Of The Day-“God’s Plan For You To Prosper”

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Bible Verses
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Ever sit-up at nights and wondered what God’s true plans are for your life? Sometimes asking, “does he wants me to continue to live this life like this?” Thoughts after thoughts. Questions after questions and no answer. Well today The Lord is saying, “here is what I think about you and the great plans I have over your life”

You might be asking, “I believe in God and accepted Christ as my savior, so why haven’t good things happen for me. God have you forgotten about me?”

Beloved, God wants to give you all the wonderful blessings He has in stored for your life. But you have to put yourself in that position to be able to receive good success and be prosperous.

Time after time in the word of promises, we find the words prosperous, grace, mercy, rewarder etc. The list continues on all the great things God want us to have. And yes it’s for you too that is reading this today. God wants to give you all of it.

When you choose to diligently seek The Lord through His word and believe what He has promised He is able to perform, them there is a drastic change.

The windows of Heaven opens and what comes pouring down after, no man can contain. If God chooses you to be prosperous, then their is no living creature on earth can prevent it.

Are you aligned for your blessing today?

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