Bible Verse Of The Day-“A Door Is Opened No Man Can Shut”

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Bible Verses
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We can get disgruntled about the things that are around us. When our backs are wedged against the wall, it’s easy to ask that question, “what’s next, this is my luck?” God is not in the business of gambling, but knew we would be face with these trials in life and warts us to truly believe that when he opens doors, let no man dare to think they can close it.

In analyzing the Apostle Paul’s life, we realize the former persecutor of Christians didn’t accept the attitude of defeat or think negative. Paul could have said, “No one will listen to me I did so much bad in life, it’s useless”

But what did Paul do?

He trusted and believe that through Jesus Christ, God would place him in the position to use his negative circumstance for a positive and a gain for others.

Doors were opened. No requirements needed. Just God’s mercy and grace.

What if Paul did accept this attitude of defeat? He would have missed out on all the great things God did in his life.

That one decision changed Paul’s life forever. No longer known for his circumstances in life, but became a pillar for Jesus Christ.

Would you make that decision today? Enter in the door that God has opened for you.

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