Bible Verse Of The Day-“Be Of Good Courage In The Storm”

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I had a great conversation with someone last week that mentioned the troubles he was going through and how he sometimes wondered if God was listening. He said in his quiet time reflecting on the word of promises , his thoughts began to change from doubt to hope. His initially thoughts were, “where is God, are you even there to hear me?” Was quickly changed to, “God I know your plans over my life and whatever I am going through a good attitude is required and you will do the rest.”

Those words is an example of faith that is needed when things get rough and we begin to question God. The Psalmist David write about this feeling he had to develop during one of the hardest times in his life.

Giving up was not an option for David as he was encourage and delighted in the presence of The Lord and gave all his trust, that whatever he was facing at time would work out for the good.

Beloved, this may be your defining moment. Family being attacked by the devil? People at work talking about you and don’t want to be in your presence? The bills continues to pile up while there is no sign of a promotion at work?

Be of good courage says The Lord. Trust in him with everything we have and at the right appropriate time, things will begin to shape into the steps God has ordered over your life all along.

Make that decision today and be of good courage.

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