Bible Verse Of The Day-“More Than A Conqueror”

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Bible Verses
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We all go through rough moments in our lives. Things that out of our control that causes a temporary pain that wants to be permanent. The Apostle Paul went through some tough hard times. He didn’t complain or get down on himself. He shook off that defeated mindset and claim the victory through Jesus Christ. Today let’s make that same decision too.

Flesh overpowering our minds begins to take it’s course when we accept the negative thoughts that comes about. God wants to remind us,that through His begotten Son, we are able to fall, dust ourselves off, and get back on the path He predestined. Every morning you need to remind yourself, “I have the power within to conqueror anything that cones my way. I can not be defeated!

It’s time to put an end to those thoughts. That financial issue is not going to keep you from God’s plan for you. Losing a love one does not stop you from obtaining the role that was assigned to you. You can handle it. You’ve been armed with strength!

Beloved, remember this saying: Nothing, I mean nothing can separate you from the love of a Christ. You are more than a conqueror, but it starts with developing that mindset that you cannot be defeated!

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  1. Good post! I like “we are able to fall, dust ourselves off, and get back on the path”. We all fall that is for sure and I would like to add if you see your neighbor/brother fall we are obligated to help them up and brush the dust off with prayer. Keep up the good work and fight! LF6…II TIM 2:3

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