Bible Verse Of The Day-“So Easy To Love You God”

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Bible Verses
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Just stop what you are doing. Whatever it is, just stop and think about your past few months. Reflecting on the circumstances you were troubled with. Now think about how many times you called on The Lord and soon after you were comforted to deal with that situation that flesh was screaming you couldn’t handle.

Let me take it a little further.

Think now in that timeframe how many times we were disobedient, doing what self wanted and not what God intended? You barely read your bible. Hardly prayed. Complained, argued, was selfish in your ways.

Stop right there.

Let me pose this question. Did God forsake you when you called out for help in any of your troubles.

You don’t have to think hard for an answer.

Even when we mess up and is sometimes heading left versus right, God is still merciful, and cares so heavily. We get so hard on ourselves and say,” God won’t help me with this, I have been disobedient for a while now.”

But He is merciful and is easily pleased by us. No need to condemn ourselves anymore, God has great thoughts about us and through His son Jesus Christ, He want us to prosper and not be cast away from Him.

In writing this, the song from Israel Houghton came to mind, “Easy to love you.”
It goes a little like this, ” it’s so easy to love you, it’s so easy to love you because you are WONDERFUL” That’s what the Father is!

Beloved, no more being hard on yourself going forward. God is easily pleased and He makes us easy to Love Him because He is Wonderful, Marvelous and Glorious.

He is our FRIEND.

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