Bible Verse Of The Day-“Where Is Your Christ Like Attitude?”

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Bible Verses
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Imagine the last time someone cut you off while driving and for some of us we have what the many calls “road rage.” How did you react? Did you find yourself swearing and using obscene gestures? This message is not to call anyone out, but for all to examine yourself and ask the question, “Am I showing my “Christ like attitude” to everyone on a daily basis?”

Many might question if this kind of “attitude” is possible with sin always surrounding us. Beloved, there is one way to capture this attitude and that is with the word of God.

I remember when I first started my walk in The Lord and being advised by a Pastor friend of mine. He mentioned to me that when a born again Christian starts out they want to capture everything that has to do with being “spiritual,” but eventually that buzz dies off. A comparison was given as to a sprinter running in a marathon. Great burst out the gates, but can’t sustain because the journey is so long.

But the Christian that carries on and endures the race, keeping their eyes on the finish line and building themselves in the word of God, is the one that creates the “Christ like attitude” and impact the others around them to help finish the race together.

This journey is not meant to be alone, but only a “Christ like attitude”can help others, who aren’t so strong, finish the race and receive the reward we all inherit to receive through Jesus.

Let’s challenge ourselves going forward and take on a “Christ like attitude” and help lead people to our Savior.

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