Bible Verse Of The Day-“You Can Handle It, Hang In There”

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Bible Verses
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We all go through times when things are so rough that it almost brings you to tears. We sometimes say, “why did this happen to me.?” “I can’t take this anymore,what am I going to do?” But God through His promises tells us He will never give us more than we can handle. Nothing short of it but never beyond.

I remember a long time friend talking about a rough patch he experienced in his life where he lost his house, cars, and sometimes had a hard time providing food on the table. As he talked passionately about the situation I couldn’t help but to notice the streams of tears that came running down his face. But what stood out to me was not the horrible things he experienced, but how he praised God through it all. At the end he mentioned, “God knew my strength and tolerance and comforted me through it all.”

Praise God!

Praise him through the good times, but a double of praise when we are stretched beyond our comfort. Let God embrace you to bear these things through faith.

No need to give up. Lean on our provider to provide you with the necessities needed to bear anything life throws your way.

Beloved, it starts with a decision and firm hold to let God do what He promised.

What is your decision today?

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