Bible Verse Of The Day-“Let God Deal With The Process”

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Bible Verses
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One of the worse moments in our lives we occur on a daily basis, is the process from receiving a disappointing news to finding a solution. It is that in between moment where we are waiting on our hurt to be healed, and the solution to the problem that can make the situation gruesome.

Get ready. Here comes God.

Through His wonderful promise, the Lord is blunt about being there to comfort and heal during our times of distress. As David outlined in this Psalm that when he was at his lowest point, the Lord was there to not only pick him up, but dust him off and place him back on the path that was designed.

Beloved, It’s your time today to receive the Lord’s promise over your circumstances, sorrows, setbacks, shortcomings and every devices the enemy put together to keep you from your path.

It’s tine to claim Victory over the enemy. It’s starts with an attitude of faith and belief that The Lord is wiping away the distresses you have occur.

Are you ready to make that decision today my friend?

Claim your promise!

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