Bible Verse Of The Day-“Hold On Beyond What You Feel Or See”

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Bible Verses
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It may seem at times you are alone on this journey of life that God has set forth before you. It may even seem as if you are doing all that is in your control and no results is showing up.

You might be at a point where doubts and questions are creeping in. But God is telling you today, “keep going, you haven’t reach that point where I want you to be.”

You might be wondering when Lord?

We might say as times, “my faith is strong, but I’m not seeing anything. I have waited and waited. I did what I’m suppose to. I believe in all your promises Lord. Why not my time?”

Beloved, this your moment, where David outlined in the above scripture as having faith beyond what we feel or see. David mentioned going through the path of life with troubles, circumstances, and setbacks and not seeing a clear define evidence of God being there.

But His presence always shows at the right time.

And even when we are walking through this journey and things seem pointless and there is no “evidence of God’s footprints”, He is still there and has a divine purpose over your life.

David is telling you today not to give up. Yes, no need to fret because of setbacks. Weeping is temporary. Joy lasts for a lifetime.Things may seem unbearable, but you are close. Hold on beyond what faith is telling you or seeing. Stay the course that is outlined for you.

The greater reward is waiting for you beyond the area you can’t see.


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