Bible Verse Of The Day-“Being Content Gains Blessings”

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I remember the first time I read this passage and questioning what Paul’s message was behind this problematic verse. When I went through the roughest moment of my life where I lost everything I had (and was forced to not only turn to God but live without the things I treasured heavily), I learn truly what great gain I was experiencing even in my worst moment.

The godliness we must possess starts with getting into the word, then we have to believe in the word, and finally show obedience to what we are reading. It is God’s plan that everything that pertains to living a Godly life begins with the word of God.

The contentment Paul spoke about is accepting our circumstances, life, things we own and the people around us. We aren’t born with a spirit of contentment,due to flesh always seeking to have more of everything and always competing for the best. But we learn to be content. Through right practice we obtain that ability.

Great gain is the reward for trying to live Godly and learning to be content. When it seems like we lost so many things in the natural, In the supernatural you are experiencing next level access in the Kingdom of God. If we desire to do those things, we are seeking God that’s higher than worship.

When we reach that point, we are in the position to not only be rewarded openly, but is promoted tremendously.


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