Bible Verse Of The Day-“God is Talking, Listen Up!

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I will never forget the first time I heard the voice of The Lord. It wasn’t in a place of comfort nor was it when I had great success. I don’t normally like to give credit to the devil, but in this moment of my life, I played the cards the devil gave me and found myself in a muddy, sticky dark hole.

While down in this hole, I kept hearing a voice talking to me, but thought all along only the devil would be down this far with me since he helped put me there.

I realize after awhile after hearing carefully this voice often that it was The Lord speaking to me and encouraging me through my struggle out of this muddy dark hole.

You might ask how did I recognize the voice?

Well, just like a infant who hears the mommy and daddy talk to them often, they start to place the voice to their parents. So no matter where they are, if they heard mommy and daddy they gravitate to that sound.

I found my fathers voice down at the bottom and He continues to talk to me now that I am high above that hole.

Today, might be the day you find the voice of The Lord. He is speaking to you. Be that infant and lend your ear to the call of your Father. He knows best for you.He ordered your steps before birth and continues to make your paths clear as you continue on life’s journey.

Are you listening today?

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