Bible Verse Of The Day-“Being Humbled Leads To Promotion From God”

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I can recall as a child receiving $5 and being very grateful as if it was $1,000. My smile extended from one town to the other. My joy was contagious to others, showing them how wealthy I was at the time.

Fast forward as a grown adult, receiving $5 now, won’t make me jump off my feet, but according to the word when we learn to appreciate the little things around us, God extends to you GREAT things at the right time.

There might be a handful of people out there who might have started a job they didn’t like, God is saying, “be happy, appreciate it and your promotion will come at the right time.” Others who just lost everything from a divorce or an unfortunate circumstances with very little or no money and has to start over, God is saying, “continue to exercise your faith in hope, and I will surely turn things around with a snap of fingers.”

Whatever small beginnings you find yourself in today, remember God is watching your reaction and is the ONLY one that gives a promotion.

Appreciate the small things, beginnings and moments and ( we worship the same God who blessed Joseph, who was In prison for years and at a blink of an eye in became in charge of many nations), let God bless you to greater heights.


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