Bible Verse Of The Day-“Your Smile Goes A Long Way”

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Bible Verses
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We tend to frown upon things so easily in life not knowing one of the greatest weapon we have as God’s children is a smile on our face.

I am not saying we walk around smiling once a setback appears. But instead start to practice the approach of smiling when we wake in the morning.

That same smile will carry when someone cut you off in traffic.

That smile will help you when we are experiencing a tough day at work.

That same smile will pull you through barriers the devil poses that would normally cause a heartache, depression or complete despair.

Just like the tongue, we possess tremendous power in a smile, that can change situations and mood of others.

Start to practice to smile your way through your day. Smiling is another form of gratitude from God, praising His holy name and exercising your faith that everything is going to be well.

Don’t wait for the circumstance to appear. Set your face with a smile when you wake and see how wonderful you feel at the end of the day.



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