Your Storm Ends Now! Jesus Is Here

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Food For Thought
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Getting through the day is sometimes the hardest obstacle many experience daily. When many people wake, thoughts start to wander and then it gets spoken, “how am I going to get through today.” When those words are release into existence, then life begins to breathe through them and take form.

But Jesus is telling us today, when we trust in Him, those thoughts, storms, circumstances begins to turnaround for our good.

All we have to do is trust.

He is calling everyone one by one, and it shall be done. Going through life and dealing with it’s ups and downs is not something we were designed to handle alone. We were given an advocate who can not only bear our sins, but can more than deal with every aspect of our lives.

Give Jesus the keys to your life. Let Him drive you to heavens gate. Let Jesus transform your problems into a testimony to others.

Open up yourselves today to His promises. Let go and let God.

  1. Lux__E says:

    Reblogged this on eevans017 and commented:
    Amen,!, and its nothing but the grace of God

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