Bible Verse Of The Day-“Man Disappoints Again, God Never Fails”

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Bible Verses
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One of the disappointing things in life we go through on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, is the feeling of despair when all your trust is placed in man. Then right after we are left holding all the load of being let down by them.

When I think back on the numerous times last year and a few moments in 2014 that I gave people the benefit of the doubt and right after I was let down by their action or word, I found myself just scratching my head wondering, “why do I continue to do that.”

But beloved, there is no need to let people change your mood or attitude because as the word tells us through its promises, we should expect that disappointment and more from people.

So today we are changing our approaches on how to handle people when we are so eager to lend our trust towards them. It’s in our nature to seek gratification from men.

But the word tells us when we always trust in God, keep our eyes on God, and seek God at all times, we are allowing the Holy Spirit to connect directly with what God wants to do for us.

If we do all three we won’t ever be led astray to give people anymore room to disappoint us.

Let me repeat: Trust in God. Keep you eyes on God. Seek God at all times.

Apply these promises to your spiritual activity daily and see the great feeling God gives you when we let go of people.


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