Bible Verse Of The Day-“Let Go. God has Why haven’t You?”

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Bible Verses
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One of the hardest things in our lives to do is letting go of being hurt in a relationship, a bad breakup, or unexpected event. Things in life happens unexpectedly and sometimes by our faults. But what the word tells us is to focus on letting go of whatever you are holding on to. God has already moved on so why are you?

I can speak from a personal level, where an event happened in my life that forced my environment to change. But even when I wanted to cry, blame myself, or place a lot of self-pity on myself, God intervened and said, “Son why are you still holding on to your former life, I have great plans for you that far exceeds what you are currently going through.”

God’s promises continues to tells us not to hold on to people, circumstances or events that forces a reaction of staying in the past instead of moving forward.

Today is your day to let go. Leave it, leave him, leave her, leave the past, leave bad the bad break-up, leave your former life.

Let it go, and start walking to that next flight that is going to take you to your divine destination.


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