Bible Verse Of The Day-“Forgiveness Leads To Breakthrough”

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Bible Verses
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One of the biggest setbacks in life is not going through a storm, losing a loved one, or even losing your job.

But, forgiving someone when they do you wrong, and harbors go these feelings when something unfortunate happens. To have unsettled feelings can lead to anger and those same emotions can affect how you treat others.

The New Testament mentions numerous times, when we fail to forgive and we go before God in prayer and is asking for something, our prayers are null and void. Let me give you a visual.

A prayer is like you are driving down a highway. You can see the exit you want to get of-which in comparison would be the answer to your prayers, BUT. When we fail to forgive others and keep these deep feelings of hurt in our heart then we receive a barrier on that highway. It’s something that prevents us from our answer to a prayer and sometimes to our destiny God intended for us.

Are you holding any feelings towards anyone that you need to forgive? Don’t let a setback hold you from receiving a breakthrough in your life.

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

  1. I finally after 20years achieved this with the one person who I have struggled with forgiving. One day I woke up one day and decided I did could handle the burden of unforgivness any longer! It was a beautiful day! God bless you!

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