Bible Verse Of The Day-“Pressing Forward. Leave The Past”

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Bible Verses
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Jesus was speaking to the many followers and is speaking to us today. Looking back at things or our past when God tells us to leave it alone and press forward can cause us to be like Lot’s wife.

He told Lot and his wife to leave the city of Sodom & Gomorrah and never to look back, but to keep looking ahead. What happened? Lot’s wife couldn’t let go of her home, past, material things, loved ones, friends and decided to look back.

God saw her disobedience and when she turned just slightly to see what was going on behind her, the scriptures says her face turned into a pillar of salt.

Are you looking back at your past today? Jesus is warning us when we can’t let go of our past, “Remember Lot’s wife.” When we lose a love one or someone walks out of our lives we loved dearly. “Remember Lot’s wife.” When setbacks and sorrow comes our way, again “Remember Lot’s wife.”

Press forward today!

  1. abey says:

    “Remember Lots wife” is of atmost relevance today to the “Complacency” of the sin of Sodom, even though not a partaker of this sin. The act of Sodom arises out of its mentality, a complex mentality which is but like a virus utterly demeaning to life. Contrary to this mentality, is the simplicity of the mind of Christ

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