Bible Verse Of The Day-“Just Focus On God”

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Bible Verses
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I remember years ago, I found myself teaching a bible study for the first time. I had studied and prayed. I was ready, but as I sat waited , waiting to get going, I started wondering, “How will they like my message? Not a good place for a teacher to be. God convicted me that my focus was all wrong. He said, “You seek to please me and I’ll take care of the people.” How encouraging!

As I turned my attention to pleasing God and began to trust that He had been with me throughout the preparation process, my nerves calmed and my anxiety washed away. I felt an incredible peace. I remember knowing that I was loved, and there was nothing I could do to lower that feeling of God’s grace as long as I set my heart on being who HE wanted me to be.

Many mistakes I’ve made in life have had their roots in trying to impress the world. But when I truly seek to please God, He uses me to do what is most advantageous for others. It’s truly the best way to live.


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