Bible Verse Of The Day-“Favor Is Yours, Claim It”

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Bible Verses
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When I look to define the word “favor” I consider it meaning success given without anything in return. This “favor” comes in the form of meeting the right people that God has place strategically to take you to the next level in your life or career @ellencinci, receiving a continuous abundance of something, and even receiving your husband or wife at the right time when you thought there was no hope.

That’s the form of “favor ” King David spoke about God promises to all of us. Nothing deserve, but He gives us with obedience to His word.

So when you faced with situations in your life that seems unchangeable, tell yourself, “I have an advantage. God is in control. He is fighting my battles for me. And it’s just a matter of time before things change in my favor.”

God is a faithful God. You have to remind yourself of this promise each time the devil comes knocking. It’s yours. Take it and receive it. It was given to David and it belongs to you. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price to ensure this promise ends up In your lap.

Time to seize it. Claim it. Do whatever you want with it, but favor is here and it’s yours given by the mighty God.

He will restore everything that the devil took from you and live the great life God has in store for you.


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