God’s “Yes” Overpowers Everything

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Daily Devotional
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You never have to look far to understand God’s plans are for you. Open His word everyday and read the same verse and the Holy Spirit will reveal promises after promises God has in store for you.

I can recall a few years ago experiencing a bad breakup the devil whispering in my ear that I would not recover. He kept repeating over and over in my ear that my life would change for the bad. The devil kept harping on, “it’s over for you, it’s over for you.” The experience brought me to my knees. But through God’s “Yes” I was picked up by Jesus and was told everything would be ok.

Where are you right now when it comes to God’s promises. Are you accepting your “Yes” from the Lord or are being taking down by the devil’s whisper?

We know God’s plans for us are great and doesn’t change base on His mood. God is a just God, who is able to perform what He promises.

Go ahead and accept your “Yes” today.

  1. directorb says:

    So true.

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