We Are Never Alone As Christians

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Daily Devotional
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It’s easy to sit back and feel as if the Christian journey is a solo effort. When I am engaged in a conversation and the statement comes up, “I feel all alone walking with Christ,” I always quickly reply back and say, “that’s not God’s plan, we are all on this journey together.”

There are times when we do feel alone as if, whatever is rocking our boat so heavily, you are the only one that it is impacting.

Beloved God, through His Son Jesus Christ is telling us, we should never feel alone. Fellowship with others is one of the primary reasons the “church”was created hundreds of years ago. Jesus knew we would feel alone on this walk. We would need brotherly support when it seems everything is crashing down.

Now you can find that support anywhere such as the internet, social media outlets-Facebook, Twitter and surprisingly Instagram.

God has you protected, covered and never once you to feel alone on this journey. He has shown me many times when I am on the brink of a downfall.

All I can hear is, “hold on son, help is coming.”

Let’s utilize the resources we have from churches to social media. Find an outlet where you can get your support and allow it to help guide you on a journey that many people do not walk.

  1. ellencinci says:

    Amen. Never ever alone. Praise God for that! ❤

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