Bible Verse Of The Day-Saturday January 11, 2014

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Daily Devotional
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What are you saying out of your mouth when facing another rocky storm in your life? Did you learn your lesson from the last circumstance on how to speak in the time of trouble. God has given us wonderful promises in our lives.

But if we are not speaking them, how can we expect these things to come to life? Theses wonderful promises that is given to us has to be activated and it all starts with declaring these things out of our mouths.

The bible talks about death and life being release by our tongue. In knowing this we tend to speak negative things over our lives, but still expect the circumstances to fall in our favor. Why is that so? As the word says, “Can we curse God with the same mouth we praise Him? That ought not so be.”

What the tongue also does is exercise our faith and starts the journey of turning around the situation in the supernatural. Declare, trust, believe and let faith start the process of changing things for you.


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